Welcome to a quiet neighborhood in a wide valley in the mountains of northern-most California.Tall, slender ponderosa pines rise above the features of an alpine desert and create welcome shade, forming a small forest near a man-made reservoir. Herds of deer roam through the open lots of a very quiet community. Squirrels dash across the ground and scritch up pine trunks. Butterflies float silently between the trees, and birds gather around backyard feeders. This is the home of A Doll’s Picnic. This is where a large and ever-expanding family of collectible play dolls share their adventures with an imaginative human couple and their friends. Like all dolls, the “girls” (as we call them) of A Doll’s Picnic love to dress up in new outfits, welcome new sisters, play with animals (real and imagined), and, of course, discuss their human friends (but only when they think we won’t overhear!). They also love traveling, taking rides in the car, exploring gardens, helping with art projects and house chores, and watching the wild animals that share their neighborhood. They are generous, kind, sympathetic, funny, and lovely. Most of all, they love sharing outdoor tea parties and picnics with their friends. So grab a sun hat and a blanket and join them in the garden! We can’t wait to share their latest adventures!

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  1. Kayla

    Hi there! I have just bought a beutiful doll house for my 3 year old daughter named Emma. The doll house fits barbies but I am wanting to get Emma a different brand then the traditional Barbie. I am wanting dolls that she can play with in her Barbie house. I was thinking of getting the only heart club dolls from eBay but I am very interested in knowing what you would suggest! They need to be Barbie size or a bit smaller. Thanks for your time!

    1. Ali (Post author)

      Hi Kayla! Thank you for reading my blog, and for your question! 🙂 I think Only Hearts Club dolls would be a lovely choice for your daughter. They are a similar scale as Barbie dolls but they’re shorter (as is appropriate for the age range the dolls represent–I think about 10 years old?). Unfortunately I’m not very familiar with many other small doll lines, so I only have a few suggestions. Are you familiar with Lottie dolls? Super cute, small, childlike fashion dolls with a positive message. The Lottie website is: http://www.lottie.com. There are also the beautiful and naturalistic Lammily dolls: check out their message at http://www.lammily.com. Finally, have you considered looking for handmade fashion dolls on Etsy.com? You might find a unique and handmade alternative to Barbie there. Good luck in your search!

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