Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Here at A Doll’s Picnic, the girls gave thanks for having a warm home full of sisters and changes of outfits, and for having doll-crazy human friends who love to have picnics and play!

I managed to capture a rare shot of all my girls together in one place:

My current doll collection.

Here we are: the girls of A Doll’s Picnic!

And here are all the dolls currently on our shelves, including my husband’s collection of seven in front:

All the dolls at A Doll's Picnic

That’s a total of 39 dolls (gulp)! Little did I imagine when I started collecting back in 2006 that it would get to this point!

The story of my husband’s collection is simple: six of his seven dolls were once mine. When I no longer wanted these girls in my collection, he liked them too well to allow me to either give them away or sell them. His collection began pretty early on when I decided not to keep Paulina Clementina (front center), the Josefina doll that began my doll collecting, and has gradually expanded from there over the years. The only exception is Catherine (in the blue dress, third from left), who was purchased for him as an anniversary present at the American Girl Store in Seattle this summer.

Our dolls had a special treat last week when both my sisters and my two nieces came to visit, bringing with them all of their doll friends! That made a total of 50 dolls in our house for three days! Here’s a picture of our joint collection, including all my own girls, my husband’s collection, and my sisters’ and neices’ dolls!

My family's doll collection

My nieces’ dolls are seated in the front row. From left to right, that’s Ella (My Twinn), Butterfly, Karis (My Twinn), Polly, and Emma (Our Generation). My sisters’ dolls are standing in the row behind them. Aren’t they beautiful? (Averill has the light full in her face, poor dear). My girls were so excited to have all their cousins over to visit and play!

Happy Thanksgiving from A Doll’s Picnic!

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  1. Shirley

    What fun! I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the pictures. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Ali (Post author)

      So glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading!

  2. Cedes

    Yaaay a couch full of dolls, such fun!

  3. Jackylina

    Wow! I loved seeing all those dolls! You must have one of the best husbands in the world to support your doll collecting so much he wouldn’t let you get rid of them! It’s so cool see such a variety of dolls.

    1. Ali (Post author)

      Yes, I think he’s the best! 😉

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