Dresses for Spring: Part 1

With pear trees and daffodils blooming and Easter on its way, my girls have been begging me to share with you some new spring dresses that have made their way to A Doll’s Picnic from American Girl, The Dollies’ Dressmaker, and creative souls on Etsy. Spring seems to invite newness and change. The fact is, I’m often too occupied with collecting dolls to be able to fill out their wardrobes, so my girls are especially pleased with their fresh new fashions. First off this week, I’d like to share Roberta’s new frock from The Dollies’ Dressmaker:

American Girl Molly doll in plaid dress

The moment I saw this dress on her website, I knew it had to be in my collection. I love plaid, and I love square collars, and the moment I saw this dress I thought of the Anne of Green Gables films I watched growing up. Even though The Dollies’ Dressmaker made this as part of her Samantha collection, after holding it up to all my girls, it looked most stunning on Roberta, my new-used Molly doll from eBay. Roberta loves the soft grey-green-blue plaid, and the ruffly cream-colored collar as much as I do.

American Girl Molly doll in plaid dress

The difficult-to-define color of the light cotton fabric sets off her soft grey eyes, and the sprightly plaid fits her perkiness while hinting of her Scottish background. The collar adds contrast and softness as well as romance.

American Girl Molly doll in plaid dress

I can’t get over this exquisite collar! I love the square shape, which reminds me of nautical-style middy collars, and I adore the ruffles, which suit the simplicity and femininity of the dress design.

American Girl Molly doll in plaid dress

The dress closes neatly up the back with Velcro, which is not a problem for my girls.

American Girl Molly doll in plaid dress

The Dollies’ Dressmaker has been a favorite shop for doll fashions for my historical girls for years. Her dresses are all handmade by herself, and are tasteful and appropriate. The prices vary somewhat but I can often find something to fit my budget. Her work is always exquisitely neat and perfectly finished. Every time I’ve tried to make a dress of my own, I’ve gained a new appreciation for the neatness of her work–the squareness and straightness of her seam allowances and stitching, especially along the collars and back closures. This particular dress is my favorite purchase from her so far. It is simple, soft perfection, and comes to life on my Molly doll (though several of my other girls would also love to try it on!). I highly recommend her shop!

Happy Spring!

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