Adventures with Alexis: Afternoon at the River

Dear Friends,

Hello again! Alexis here. ūüôā I just have to tell you about the beautiful afternoon¬†we had at the river last Saturday!¬†We drove to the Upper Sacramento River where it rushes through Dunsmuir, which is an old train town in Northern California (my first trip–oh boy!). Oh, was it beautiful! Here’s what we saw:

Sacramento river at DunsmuirThe first thing I thought when we got out of the car was: there are¬†so many leaves! It was so green! There are many different kinds of deciduous trees growing in the forest along the river, including oaks, cottonwoods and maples, and right now they all have new spring leaves. Then there were grasses and waterplants along the river’s edge. I just looked and looked. The fresh breeze and the river rocks and the sound of the water all made me feel so happy.

Via-E Alexis doll in forest

I love being out in nature!

There was so much to explore I didn’t know where to start. So I took off my shoes and stepped into the river.

Via-E Alexis doll at rivers edge 2

The water was really cold!

I love my feet being bare, especially in water. I feel like it helps me think better.

Via-E Alexis doll feet in water

Have you¬†heard of the Sacramento River? It runs all the way down the Central Valley in California to Sacramento, and eventually it reaches the ocean. I was excited to see it up here because this is where it really starts. The headwaters are only a few miles south of my home! At Dunsmuir it’s already a pretty big river, and runs pretty fast, especially in spring. It’s funny to think that water is all melted snow! Lots of fisherman come here to practice fly-fishing, but I’d rather just wade and explore. I’d love to see a fish in the river, though! I looked and looked, but I couldn’t see any through the reflections.¬†I had to get out of the water after a few minutes; it was too cold!

Via-E Alexis doll feet in sand

I put my purple jelly sandals back on and explored the rocks a little bit. The rocks right by the river are very roundy from being in the river. I love to think of the river washing and grinding them until they are smooth. I wonder how many years it takes?

Via-E Alexis doll at rivers edge 3

The rocks a little further up the shore are perfect for climbing and perching on!

Via-E Alexis doll on rock 1

I found a ledge that made a great lookout spot:

Via-E Alexis doll on rock 3

What a view!

It’s funny, but sometimes when you’re out in nature it is so beautiful that you almost feel all alone,¬†know what I mean? Even though there’s a town and people and even a freeway nearby, I felt far away from everything.

It was a bit mosquito-y, but thankfully that doesn’t bother us dolls! My new friends had a great time too. Tasha loves to sit still and just look and listen (she’s so pretty, don’t you think?). She’s an artist, and she said she’d love to come back to this spot to draw. That sounds fun!

Maru and Friends Jamie doll in forest 2

Gaby had fun climbing the rocks and branches, like me.

Schildkroet red-head doll holding branch

Here is my newest friend. Her name is Tabitha and she’s from Wales! She’s kind of shy, but really interesting when you get to know her. We call her Tabby for short:

Bonnie and Pearl doll on rocks

She said some of the mossy rocks reminded her of England. She loves the forest. I love it too, but I think I like the river best. I’m just always attracted to¬†water! Maybe I’m part fish, or frog, or turtle!

Via-E Alexis doll at rivers edge 1

It feels so nice on my toes!

Oh, we had such a lovely time! There was a nice bench for sitting on and watching the river:

Via-E Alexis doll and Bonnie and Pearl doll

When the sun started to get low, the mosquitos became a bit troublesome, so we finally had to go. I wanted to stay longer, but Gaby said she really wanted a cup of tea!

Schildkroet red-head doll holding cup

I hope we go back to the river soon. I want to explore some more, and maybe even go swimming! Besides, it’s so refreshing, and there’s so much to look at. ‘Course, I always think there’s so much to look at wherever you are. That’s why I’m a writer!

dolls on bench

‘Till soon! Love, your friend

Alexis <3

Via-E Alexis doll on rock 4


Alexis is a Via-E Alexis Christine O’Shay Dollfriend. Tabitha is a Bonnie & Pearl doll. Tasha is a Maru and Friends Jamie doll. Gaby is a Schildkroet doll.


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  1. Karen

    My daughter and I love your blog! It is such a treat. I have a couple of questions for you about Natalie (Alexis). We just received Alexis and I’ve read that some clothes don’t fit her well. What would you suggest as the best fitting brands for her? How do her measurements compare to a Maplelea doll?

    1. Ali (Post author)

      Hi Karen! I’m so glad Alexis found her way to your family! I know you will love her. So far, I’ve found that the best clothes for Alexis, besides her own Via E outfits, are the Gotz clothes made for their Hannah and Happy Kidz dolls. These dolls are similar in height and waist-size to Alexis–that is, about 19 inches tall and with a slim, all-vinyl body. Alexis can also share American Girl t-shirts and dresses, but it kind of depends on the item of clothing and the style. T-shirts are often worn a bit loose, so tees and tunics look just fine on her. She can also fit American Girl sized skirts and leggings, but only if they have a tight elastic waist. I believe Via E sells a special belt for Alexis that will help adapt American Girl-sized clothing to her smaller waist.

      As far as how Alexis compares to the Maplelea dolls, so far I’ve found that the Maplelea dolls have a very similar sized torso to American Girl dolls. Their waist sizes really seem about the same. It’s just that Maplelea dolls have longer, thinner arms and legs. So Alexis looks a bit stockier in comparison, and her waist is still thinner than both Maplelea and American Girl.

      Hope this helps! Thanks so much for reading my blog!

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