Adventures with Alexis: Happy Memorial Day!

Hi Friends!

Guess what we did in honor of Memorial Day weekend! We had a pajama party! A pajama party is kind of like a slumber party, but instead of sleeping (dolls don’t really need to sleep, you know) you dress up in your favorite pajamas, and stay up late watching movies and reading stories. We read a chapter of The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit, and then we watched Pollyanna. Here’s a picture of how we looked this morning:

Doll collection in pajamas

That’s me in the front row between my new best friends Tabitha and Taryn. Tabitha is from Wales, and Taryn just arrived from Canada! I sure love having so many friends to play with!

We had a pajama contest just for fun, and here are the results:

American Girl Samantha and Felicity dolls in pajamas

Megan (left) won the award for “Most Beautiful Pajama Ensemble.” Fanny (right) won the award for “Most Old-fashioned.”

American Girl Gwen and JLY #24 dolls in pajamas

Jenny (left) won the award for “Prettiest Slippers,” and Emma (right) won the award for “Prettiest Color.”

Here’s a close-up of Jenny’s pretty slippers! Aren’t they cute?

Star flower pajama slippers

American Girl Isabelle and Kailey dolls in pajamas

Ashleigh and Ceilidh are really good friends, and I think they kind of look like each other (don’t you?). They tied for the “Softest Slippers” award. Here’s a close-up of their slippers. Aren’t they adorable???

Kanani's slippers

Isabelle's slippers

Bonnie & Pearl and Maru and Friends Jamie dolls in pajamas

Tabitha (left) and Tasha (right) tied for “Absolute Cutest Pajamas.” Which pajamas do you like best? I can’t decide.

American Girl GOT #1 and Bonnie & Pearl dolls in pajamas

Amy (left) and Tabitha (right) tied for “Most Adorable Teddy Bears.” I like Amy’s socks and robe, too!

And here I am with my new best friend, Taryn, who just arrived this weekend from Canada:

Maplelea Taryn and Via-E Alexis dolls in pajamas

Isn’t she sweet? She’s a lot of fun, and she likes a lot of the same things I like! Taryn won the award for “Cutest Graphics.” I love the little owl on her pajama top:

owl pajama detail

It really reminds me of this illustration in Mr. Magnolia by Quentin Blake!

Mr. Magnolia Quentin Blake illustration

A pajama party is a great way to celebrate any special day! Yay for pajamas!

‘Till soon, love, your friend,


Alexis is a Via-E Alexis Christine O’Shay Dollfriend. Taryn is a Maplelea Taryn doll. Tabitha is a Bonnie & Pearl doll. Tasha is a Maru and Friends Jamie doll. Amy, Jenny, Ashleigh, Ceilidh, Emma, Megan and Fanny are American Girl dolls.


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  1. Sharry A.

    Hi Alexis (and Ally)

    Your pajama party looks like so much fun! Cheryl (my Alexis) went to a pajama party on New Year’s Eve. She thought you’d might like to see it:

    It’s great you’re having a good time w/ your new friends. Don’t forget to visit Julie’s blog. She can pass on any messages you might have for Cheryl.

  2. Xyra

    Hi! Love your pajama party post!
    Your Jenny looks just like my Melody.
    Have fun with you blog!

    1. Ali (Post author)

      Hi Xyra! Thanks so much for reading! Jenny (Gwen) is a lovely doll, isn’t she? I look forward to taking a peek at your blog when I have a chance. Thanks again!

  3. Heather h

    Wow! This is such a cool blog! I’m very much the same as you! I’m an adult collector and focused only on AG but now I have magic attic, carpatina, kidz n cats, and my salon dolls and I really love them!

    1. Ali (Post author)

      Hi Heather! Thank you so much for reading! I’m curious about the Magic Attic dolls… how do you like them? And thank you for naming the My Salon dolls–I’ll have to look them up and add them to my master list. I’m having so much fun with the variety the new dolls have brought to my collection. Thanks again!

  4. AnonymousA

    HiyA! Love Alexis!


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