Adventures with Alexis: We’re Taking a Trip!

Hi Friends!

Guess what?! I’m on my first trip! You know I want to be a travel writer some day, right? Well, my mom-friend Ali and dad-friend Dave are taking a vacation to Washington, and I get to go along! I’m so excited to see new things and practice observing, and Ali said I can write here as often as I like! So I’m going to tell you all about my first trip ever and everything I see and do!

Maybe I’d better go back to the beginning: Ali and Dave are celebrating their anniversary this weekend, and they decided to take a trip to Washington to explore and relax and just have fun. Ali told me some of us dolls would get to go, and we were all so excited when we heard! We wanted to start packing right away:

Dolls packing for trip 1

I love packing: I always know just what I should bring. But some people feel overwhelmed when they’re faced with choices. That’s how my friend Asleigh felt when she heard she might get to go along:

American Girl Isabelle packing for trip

Ali says it might have something to do with being an artist, and that she’s the same way. Isn’t that funny? If so, I’m glad I’m a writer. I did my best to help Asheigh calm down, and we looked through all her pretty clothing together:

Via E Alexis and American Girl Isabelle 1

My friend Tabitha was excited when she heard that Ali and Dave were going to the Pacific Northwest, because she said the weather there is a lot like weather in England and Wales, which is where she’s from. She wanted to pick out a travel outfit just in case she got to go along:

Via E Alexis and Bonnie and Pearl doll 1

She has this super adorable green wool coat which is perfect for rainy or misty days:

Via E Alexis and Bonnie and Pearl doll 2

Isn’t it adorable? She also has a really cute teddy bear, which she says helps make her feel at home wherever she is.

My new friends Jade and Sharon were also really excited. They’re from Canada, and like me they love traveling!

Maplelea dolls packing for trip

Well, we spent most of the week getting ready and packing, and yesterday we finally were on our way! Yay! I was so excited I was just about bouncing up and down in my seat. I loved looking out the window and watching the scenery change. We drove north through Oregon for a long long way, but it didn’t seem like a long drive because there was so much to look at. Everything was very green, and there were so many trees of all different kinds. We saw flowers blooming: wild peas, Queen Anne’s lace, and thousands of white daisies nodding in the breeze! It was sooooo pretty!

Yesterday afternoon we passed through a town in Oregon that said it was “the grass seed capital of the world.” That’s when we realized the huge pastures we were passing were all different kinds of grasses. Some of the fences near the highway even had signs on them so you could find out what was growing! Here are the types of grasses we saw: Annual ryegrass, Perennial ryegrass, white clover, winter wheat, wheat, and fescue. The grasses were blooming and putting out seeds and they were so beautiful. I love how they stretched far away, all the same color and texture. I also love how the fields line up next to each other, like pieces of fabric on a quilt. My favorite grass was the winter wheat, because it was such a pretty golden-fawn color and all tufty with seeds. I also loved the white clover, because it was covered in little white flowers!

We spent last night in Woodburn, Oregon. We were so excited to be in our first motel!

Via E Alexis with friends

From left to right, my friends Paulina, (me, Alexis!), Sharon and Jade. We’re the lucky dolls that got to go along!

It’s a really nice room! We’re going to be on our way again soon, and today I’ll make sure that Ali takes lots of pictures so I can put them in my next post! We’re going to head north through Portland and cross over into Washington, and then head out to the coast! I get to see the ocean! Oh boy!

‘Till soon, have a great Saturday!

Love, your friend, Alexis


Alexis is a Via E Alexis Christine O’Shay Dollfriend. In this post she is wearing a Gotz dress with American Girl leggings. Jade and Sharon are Maplelea Jenna and Taryn dolls; Tabitha is a Bonnie and Pearl doll; Ashleigh is an American Girl Isabelle doll; Paulina is an American Girl Josefina doll.

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  1. Saphira

    Ohh what a nice idea… showing them the world. I’m very excited to read the rest.
    Wish you all a wonderful journey
    Saphira from Germany

    1. Ali (Post author)

      Thank you so much, Saphira! Dolls are wonderful travel buddies, aren’t they? I always feel more at home on a trip when one of my dolls is there to smile at me. 🙂

  2. Sharry A.

    Hi Alexis, it’s Cheryl and Sharry!

    Sounds like you’re really gonna have a good time. We can’t wait to see the pics! My friends Stephanie and Melody (they’re cousins) are going with Sharry to Seattle for Sharry’s birthday in July. I hope I get to go someday. But I am going back to Camp Echo Hill again this summer. Last summer at camp was so much fun! We went hiking and swimming, we had arts and crafts and all kinds of fun! We hope you have fun on your trip with Ali.

    1. Ali (Post author)

      Hi Cheryl and Sharry! Thanks so much for reading my blog posts! I am having a blast! Guess what: I’m going to see Seattle in a couple of days! I’m so excited! I’ll tell you all about it when I get there. 🙂 Today we’re driving up to Port Townsend, WA, which is across the Puget Sound from Seattle. (Don’t you just love the name “Puget Sound”? It sounds so romantic). Have a great time at camp–it sounds really fun! Love, Alexis.

  3. Ellen

    I loved reading about this adventure! It is so cool to see Alexis traveling, meeting new friends and even more importantly creating new stories for everyone to read. Reading is to the mind like a brush is to a canvas. And your story is the wonderful paint that allows all of us to create fun images in our minds to enjoy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Ali (Post author)

      Thank YOU Ellen, for creating such a special doll-friend and community!

  4. AgDolliesForever

    How in the world did you travel with 4 dolls?!

    1. Ali (Post author)

      We often takes dolls with us in the car when we take trips… it’s easy to make room for them on the back seat or on top of the luggage. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  5. Dominique&Tabitha

    This is the strangest thing – my daughter Tabitha and I stumbled across your blog quite by accident just now. Your doll is identical to the Bonnie&Pearl doll that my daughter owns (which resembles her greatly incidentally, with the long brunette hair and blue eyes!), and we are also Welsh! Creepy 😀


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