Bonnie and Pearl

My Bonnie & Pearl dolls:

Bonnie & Pearl brunette doll portrait



Type of doll: Bonnie & Pearl blue-eyed brunette “Catherine”


Bonnie and Pearl doll red-head


Type of doll: Bonnie & Pear blue-eyed red-head “Beatrice”


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  1. Emily

    Hi there.
    After randomly coming across your website I am really fond of all your dolls! Especially Tabitha from the UK?
    Could you tell me more about the brand and the company in which you purchased her??
    Are they good quality etc?
    Could you maybe put some more info about her on the site please?

    Thanks, Emily

    1. Ali (Post author)

      Hi Emily! Thanks so much for reading! Tabitha is a Bonnie and Pearl doll, from Wales. Bonnie and Pearl is a wonderful new start-up company filling the 18-19″ niche market in the UK. Tabitha is very high quality and just lovely. I am planning on doing a review of the Bonnie and Pearl dolls just as soon as I can. I highly recommend them! Thanks again!

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