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My American Girl dolls:

American Girl Felicity doll portrait

Fanny Rose

Fanny Rosaline Adelaide

Type of doll: American Girl Felicity

Nicknames: Fanny, Fanny Rose

Named after: My favorite Jane Austen character, Fanny Price—but in disposition she’s really more like Emma Woodhouse.

Background: Fanny was the third American Girl doll I collected as an adult (after Josefina and Addy). It was love at first sight. She actually went to live with my sister for three years while I was in a historical character hiatus, but I missed her and eventually she came back to me. She is the matriarch and central pillar of my collection, and she knows it; but she is a thorough lady and kindly disposed towards all her doll-sisters, though she can be a bit bossy in a good-tempered, shepherding sort of way, and is sometimes overbearing. She’s smart, clever, fastidious, good with words, eager, adventurous, bold, and more of a talker than a listener. She thinks highly of herself and at times can be a little bit condescending and proud, but she is also kind, and quick to repent if I point out her errors. She’s rather old-fashioned; she’s not a Luddite, but dislikes computers and cell phones, and prefers walking and riding horses to traveling by car, though she would never turn down an opportunity to have a new adventure. She loves to lead the way, is a natural hostess, and likes nothing so well as to invite her friends to afternoon tea.

Colors: green, yellow, rose, lavender.

Animals: horses and birds.

Birds: blackbirds, meadowlarks, ducks.

Flowers: old-fashioned roses.

Trees: huge old chestnuts, oaks and elms.

Landscapes or natural settings: rolling green hills; formal estate gardens.

Weather: clear windy days.

Season: Autumn.

Month: September.

Day of the week: Monday–she loves beginnings!

Holiday: Fourth of July.

Ideal place to live: in a manor house in the country.

Author: Jane Austen, of course. She’s an expert on Jane Austen (we think she’s a little obsessed).

Books: Emma, by Jane Austen; all of Jane Austen’s novels, though she’ll take Jane Eyre in a pinch.

Character in literature: Emma Woodhouse, in Emma; also Elinor Dashwood, in Sense and Sensibility.

Most deliciously annoying characters in literature: Fanny Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility; Mrs. Norris in Mansfield Park; Isabella and John Thorpe in Northanger Abbey; Mrs. Elton in Emma.

Place to read a book: on a swing under a great big shady tree, or on a picnic blanket on a sunny hillside.

American Girl character: Felicity Merriman, of course!

Movies: 1995 BBC Pride & Prejudice; Sense and Sensibility (starring Emma Thompson); BBC Emma (starring Romola Garai); Kenneth Branagh’s As You Like It; Disney’s Brave.

Movie characters: Emma Thompson as Beatrice in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing; Emma Thompson as Elinor in Sense and Sensibility; Romola Garai as Emma in Emma.

Outings: outdoor picnics with her friends; horseback rides.

Ways to travel: by horse-drawn carriage, of course, but trains and boats are also fun.

Things to do on a rainy day: play charades; put on a play! write letters to her friends.

Meal: afternoon tea.

Treat: a warm, fresh scone with cream!

Era/type of outfit: colonial era gowns; 1850’s gowns; Regency gowns.

Item of clothing: Kirsten’s red boots.

School subject: American history; English history.

Country/culture: colonial America; Jane Austen’s England.

Things she thinks are silly: painting toenails (who has the time?).

Dislikes: poor quality tea; clutter; people who abuse animals; rules; cell phones; excessive use of computers; people who talk about Jane Austen adaptations without having read the books; vulgar people who think they are educated and refined; hypocrites.


Pleasant Company American Girl Samantha doll portrait


Megan Josephine

Type of doll: Pleasant Company American Girl Samantha

Goes by: Megan

Named after: my grandmother said “Megan” was her favorite name; “Josephine” from Little Women.

Background: Megan is a special girl, for several reasons. She was our family’s first American Girl doll, so in a way, she is responsible for my interest in American Girl dolls. She belonged to my grandmother, who loved the Pleasant Company and introduced my sister and I to the collection. When I visited my grandmother, I remember admiring Megan looking so perfect and lovely in her glass display case. It was my grandmother who gave me my first American Girl doll, Molly (who I no longer have). Megan came to live with me a couple of years ago. She’s a quiet, thoughtful sort of person; artistic, laid back; peaceful; very happy quietly painting, reading a book or petting a cat. She’s naturally patient, doesn’t put herself forward, and loves to help others and make them feel comfortable and at home. She gets along very well with Fanny; Fanny does the talking and Megan does the listening.

Colors: deep blue, dark green, cranberry red, pink and white.

Animals: deer, hares, cottontail rabbits.

Birds: egrets, blue herons, chickadees.

Flowers: trillium, wild violets.

Trees: pines and firs.

Landscapes or natural settings: wild evergreen mountains and alpine lakes.

Weather: fine, clear, cool days in mid-summer.

Seasons: Summer and Winter.

Month: June

Day of the week: Saturday

Holiday: Valentine’s Day.

Place to live: in a cabin in the woods.

Scents: pine needles; mountain air; sweet violets.

Sounds: wind in evergreen boughs; mountain chickadees singing.

Instrument: flute.

Type of music: old, sweet hymns; Irish folk songs.

Genre of literature: classic children’s literature.

Book: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Place to read a book: on a comfy seat in a shady garden.

Characters in literature: Mary Lennox, Dickon, and Colin Craven from The Secret Garden; Anne Shirley and Diana Barry in Anne of Green Gables

American Girl character: Samantha Parkington, naturally.

Movies: Meet Me In St. Louis.

Movie characters: Judy Garland as Esther Smith in Meet Me In St. Louis.

Outings: mountain hikes and picnics; boat rides on quiet lakes.

Way to travel: by train.

Places to go on vacation: Megan wants to visit Prince Edward Island, the setting of Anne of Green Gables. She also wants to visit the Dickinson homestead in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Ways to have fun: have a craft or art party with her friends.

Thing to do on a rainy day: curl up by the fire and color in a coloring book.

Thing to do on a summer day: find a shady place under a tree and read a good book!

Activities, hobbies: reading, watercolor painting, scrapbooking, pressing flowers, making cards.

Craft project: making Valentines for her friends.

School subject: Geography, Art, History

Country/culture: nineteenth century America.

Era/type of outfit: Victorian and Edwardian frocks.

Item of clothing: pinafores!

Snack: tea sandwiches.

Beverage: hot chocolate.

Treat: gingerbread, hot fresh muffins!

Things she collects: Victorian “scraps”; feathers.

Dislikes: noise; anger; hatred; people being blamed for being well off when they try hard to help others; the idea that responding angrily and hatefully will make hatred go away.


Phyllis: American Girl of the Year Chrissa doll


Phyllis Rosalind

Type of doll: American Girl of the Year 2009 Chrissa

Background: When Chrissa was first introduced in 2009 I thought she was really boring and never gave her a second thought. For the last year or two I’ve found myself pondering her off and on. I finally found this beautiful doll on eBay in excellent condition for a good price, and when she arrived she took my breath away! Now I can’t understand why it took me so long to appreciate this beautiful girl.


Umeko Patience


Umeko Patience

Type of doll: American Girl of the Year Just Like You #4

Goes by: Patience





Beverly Roberta

Type of doll: American Girl Gwen, friend of Girl of the Year 2009 Chrissa





Emma Evelina

Type of doll: American Girl Just Like You #27 doll





Sophie Miranda

Type of doll: Pleasant Company American Girl of Today #6 doll




Type of doll: American Girl Just Like You #15 doll



American Girl Bitty Twin brunette girl doll portrait


Serena Angela

Type of doll: original American Girl Bitty Twin brunette

Background: I found Serena on eBay around Christmastime. I’ve secretly admired the Bitty Twin dolls for a long time, but Serena is my first “baby” type doll since I was little. She’s wonderful!


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Beforever Addy!


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