Meet Luna

Meet Luna. Luna loves to explore. Luna is originally from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Though Luna is small, which makes her a bit shy, she is full of curiosity. She loves to see and do everything!

Today Luna traveled to the Sacramento River with Ali.

Don’t fall in, Luna!

It is March, and the river is full. Luna loved to watch the current splashing by. Though she easily could have been swept away if she had fallen off her rock, Luna wasn’t afraid.

The shore of the river was full of textures, light, and shade.

Luna’s nest.

Luna found a place to perch on a riverside tree. Some time ago high water lodged grasses and twigs in the crook of the branch to form a kind of nest. Luna liked to imagine she was a colorful little bird.

Next, Luna found a big alder tree and climbed up on a stump.

I am Luna.

Have you noticed Luna’s excellent balance? The tree gave Luna a bird’s eye view of the river.

Luna couldn’t get enough of climbing!

We love you, Luna.

Though Ali was a bit nervous, Luna clung tenaciously to her branch and surveyed the river’s domain.

Next, Luna explored the rocks along the shore.

Pretty colors, Luna!

This was Luna’s favorite rock. It had almost as many colors as Luna does!

Luna likes rocks.

Luna liked this blue-green rock as well.

Luna was soon captivated by the moss that decorated many rocks and boulders along the shore.

Mossy spot.

The moss felt like a soft, cool carpet, and Luna loved its bright green color.

More moss.

How many mossy rocks could she find?


And another! So much moss!

Luna was getting a little tired. She decided to take a nap on the cool moss.


That’s better, Luna. Whoops, a squirrel rushing by woke her up. What more was there to see?

Luna walked along the river until she found a perfect fairy spot.

Where’s Luna?

Can you find Luna?

There she is!

The sun was getting low. Ali said it was time to go home and have tea. Oh boy! Tea!

Luna took one last look around and then said goodbye to the river… for now. Adios!

Luna is a handmade Mexican rag doll from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Photos by Ali.